Logic Perspicacity Games

Logic Games are made to train and test the logic ability of the mind, requiring logical thinking, intuition and perspicacity in solving various problems and analyze various movements necessary to finish the level, and win the game.


Play Bridge
Online Bridge game is always ready to go. Team up with a computerized partner.

Love Totems

Play Love Totems
Pull pins and solve the puzzle to connect the blue and red ball to win.

How to Loot! Pull Pin

Play How to Loot! Pull Pin
Pull the pins to find a way for prince to find treasures, or rescue princess.

Brain Tricky Puzzles

Play Brain Tricky Puzzles
Quickly answer the questions on the screen, the answer is in the picture and..

Math Candies

Play Math Candies
In this game you need to find the price of some candies by solving equations.

Blox Escape

Play Blox Escape
Slide all blocks to find the way to escape with block with star in it.

Chess Mania

Play Chess Mania
Chess strategy, analyze your next move and improve your chess skills.

Color Water Trucks

Play Color Water Trucks
Tap the pin to move it, avoid black color, color the white water, fill up..

Stick Clash Online

Play Stick Clash Online
Defeat all the oponents on the battlefield by calculating the movements of..

Colored Water and Pin

Play Colored Water and Pin
Remove the pins and fill the flasks with the appropriate colored water.

Move the Pin

Play Move the Pin
This is a game where you push back the pins to help the colored balls..

Balls Sorted

Play Balls Sorted
Sort balls by tubes. It helps to improve logic and recognition skills.

Geometry Quiz

Play Geometry Quiz
Check your geometric skills by answering interesting questions.

Sinal Game

Play Sinal Game
Observe the mathematical equation and answer which is the correct operator.
Pool Buddy 3
Play Pool Buddy 3
In this game you have to pull a pin to take the water into the pool.
Puzzle Pieces
Play Puzzle Pieces
Move pieces from the center circle into outer ones to fill and remove them.
Smart Pin Ball
Play Smart Pin Ball
Push back the pins Make balls colored and get into the transparent flask.
Discovery Fraction Addition
Play Discovery Fraction Addition
This is an educational game designed to tech kids about adding fractions.
Saving the Fish 2
Play Saving the Fish 2
Have fun with this new game, an adventure full of puzzles, slide the pins.
Fish Rescue Pull the Pin
Play Fish Rescue Pull the Pin
We invite you to rescue the fish that have found themselves without their ..
Jail Breaker
Play Jail Breaker
Fun logic escape game, solve the puzzles just choose the right answer.
Water Sort Puzzle 2
Play Water Sort Puzzle 2
Sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors in the same glass.
Sand Truck
Play Sand Truck
In this game, move the pins to load the trucks with sand of different colors.
Rescue my Love
Play Rescue my Love
Pull the right pins so that the little bear can reach to his girlfriend.
Chess Move
Play Chess Move
Chess pieces, capture the opposing king (red one), who is lazy and never moves.
Pipeline 3D Online
Play Pipeline 3D Online
Rotate the pipes to connect them and lead water from a fire hydrant.
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Logic Perspicacity Games

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