Here you can play online flash games based on sports games, that follow more or less the rules of that sport.

3d Net Blazer

Play 3d Net Blazer
3d Net Blazer - A 3D basketball game, you have 60 seconds for. a perfect score

Basketball Shoting

Play Basketball Shoting
Basketball Shoting - If you like basketball, try this game

Batting Champ

Play Batting Champ
Batting Champ - A classic baseball game with 3D graphics, test it

Beach Tennis

Play Beach Tennis
Beach Tennis - Virtual tennis game on the beach, with a nice graphics

Dodge Ball

Play Dodge Ball
Dodge Ball - Drive your team to victory in the championship dodgeball

Everybodys Golf

Play Everybodys Golf
Everybodys Golf - Do you want to play golf, try this classic game of golf

Golf Putt It In

Play Golf Putt It In
Golf Putt It In - Attractive Golf with 18 holes. The game can be played alone or in two, with a partner.


Play Gravitee
Gravitee - Gols in the outer space between planets.

King Ping Pong

Play King Ping Pong
King Ping Pong - Play Ping Pong 3D game, a simple and addictive table tennis

Linebacker Alley

Play Linebacker Alley
Linebacker Alley - A simple American football to spend boredom

Mile High Club Golf

Play Mile High Club Golf
Mile High Club Golf - Try a little game of golf in the sky.

Penalty Fever

Play Penalty Fever
Penalty Fever - You think you`re good at soccer penalties ? Try this game !

Pool Master Secure

Play Pool Master Secure
Pool Master Secure - A simple and attractive billiard game, Straight Pool, 8 Ball Pool.


Play Qwop
Qwop - Try to run 100 meters, seems simple, but it is difficult to control.
Show Jumping
Play Show Jumping
Show Jumping - Ride a horse and jump over different obstacles.
Snowboard Challenge
Play Snowboard Challenge
Snowboard Challenge - Virtual snowboard that require attention and skill.
Table Tennis
Play Table Tennis
Table Tennis - Another table tennis game, test your agility and attention.
Tom Si Jerry Bowling
Play Tom Si Jerry Bowling
Tom Si Jerry Bowling - A simple and fun bowling game with famous cartoon characters Tom and Jerry.
Turbo Golf
Play Turbo Golf
Turbo Golf - A typical game of golf, with easy levels, good for relaxation.
Twisted Tennis
Play Twisted Tennis
Twisted Tennis - Play tennis in simple matches, or a true championship.
Zoo Volley
Play Zoo Volley
Zoo Volley - Funny Animals from ZOO in a nice volleyball game.
The Champions 3d
Play The Champions 3d
The Champions 3d - Play football matches with teams from the world championship.
Dkicker Italian Soccer
Play Dkicker Italian Soccer
Dkicker Italian Soccer - Get the ball and score in the opposing goal.
Queen Peace Cup Korea
Play Queen Peace Cup Korea
Queen Peace Cup Korea - Practice scoring with the ball from free kicks.
Goooaal Olympus
Play Goooaal Olympus
Goooaal Olympus - Try go with the ball till the goal and score.
The Champions 2
Play The Champions 2
The Champions 2 - Soccer with teams from the European championship.
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