Action Games

The Action Games are mostly fights and confrontations with one or more opponents, the player is always in action and speed.

Dynamons World

Play Dynamons World
Catch and collect Dynamons and train them to become stronger in this action-adventure game

Neil the Nail

Play Neil the Nail
Point-n-click adventure-action game with a nail that must find Mr. Magnet

Steak and Jake

Play Steak and Jake
An action-puzzle game where a clumsy cow and a clever bird deliver fresh milk

Anbot 2

Play Anbot 2
Help Anbot to escape and to save his girlfriend kidnapped by alliens

Car Yard 2

Play Car Yard 2
Choose the right action and help the little car run away from the police cars.

Car Yard

Play Car Yard
Decide fast, choose the right action and run away from the junk yard.

3foot Ninja

Play 3foot Ninja
3foot Ninja - get inside a valiant warrior ninja enemies pass dangerous.


Play Alias2
Alias2 - Get the powerful defense system of the military base.

Ant Move

Play Ant Move
Ant Move - Safeguard and protect ants in their move to a new house.


Play Batman
Batman - Have you seen Batman? Play here against Mr. Freeze.

Batman Cobblebot Caper

Play Batman Cobblebot Caper
Batman Cobblebot Caper - Another game in which the hero is the vigilante Batman.

Battle Over Berlin

Play Battle Over Berlin
Battle Over Berlin - Fight with planes, who will win, your plane or the computer?

Bot Pursuit

Play Bot Pursuit
Bot Pursuit - A policeman robot has to catch a flying robot.

Dragon Warrior

Play Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior - A great fighter who went to free lands haunted by all sorts of critters.
Fancy Pants
Play Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants - An action-adventure game similar to Sonic.
Frizzle Fraz
Play Frizzle Fraz
Frizzle Fraz - Action in a cute game (but difficult), similar to Mario.
Holy War Invasion
Play Holy War Invasion
Holy War Invasion - Free the land from invaders.
Jump Face
Play Jump Face
Jump Face - Smiling quarrel must reach to a flower, in 50 levels.
Marios Adventure2
Play Marios Adventure2
Marios Adventure2 - Continue the adventures and difficult route in the world of Mario.
Play N
N - Help the ninja to collect golden cubes and escape the traps.
Portal 2d
Play Portal 2d
Portal 2d - A little difficult action game, learn yourself how to play it.
Sitch In Time
Play Sitch In Time
Sitch In Time - Help Kim to pass obstcoles and solve the mission.
Sitch In Time2
Play Sitch In Time2
Sitch In Time2 - Another mission of Kim, this time she is a schoolgirl.
Play Sonic
Sonic - Play with several characters, among which the main avatar is Sonic hedgehog.
Sonic Xtreme 2
Play Sonic Xtreme 2
Sonic Xtreme 2 - Choose several characters (with different abilities) from the cartoon Sonic.
Super Mario Crossover
Play Super Mario Crossover
Super Mario Crossover - Classic action game, you can play with Mario, Link, Bill, Simon, Mega Man​​, and Samus.
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Action Games

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