Logic Perspicacity Games

Logic Games are made to train and test the logic ability of the mind, requiring logical thinking, intuition and perspicacity in solving various problems and analyze various movements necessary to finish the level, and win the game.

Dynamic Systems 2

Play Dynamic Systems 2
Dynamic Systems 2 - Form a system that guides a ball to the destination.


Play Domino
Domino - A Domino game for 2 players, similar to the traditional one.

Du Blox

Play Du Blox
Du Blox - A new version of the logic and perspicacity Blox.

Easy Joe

Play Easy Joe
Easy Joe - Joe is a personage in a strange world. He wants to cross and know that world.

Flash Chess 3

Play Flash Chess 3
Flash Chess 3 - A new version of the Chess game in Flash, with 3 levels of difficulty


Play Fractured
Fractured - Use your logic and intuition to drive the boy to his girlfriend.

Get The Key

Play Get The Key
Get The Key - Recover lost keys and get her to the exit.


Play Gridlock
Gridlock - Clear the way out for the blue rectangle

Light Up

Play Light Up
Light Up - You must light transparent sphere by removing some white spheres

Master Mind

Play Master Mind
Master Mind - Find the combination of four colors and their exact order, in 10 attempts.

Mir And Ror

Play Mir And Ror
Mir And Ror - A logic game for children, playing with two funny characters.


Play Plumber
Plumber - Rotate the pipe segments, arrange them so they form a continuous pipe.


Play Ratsuk
Ratsuk - A short description : move the knight and block the opponent.

Red Bugs Puzzle

Play Red Bugs Puzzle
Red Bugs Puzzle - Guide a ladybug through a garden with blackberries and other beetles.
Red Remover
Play Red Remover
Red Remover - A simple and intuitive game with many ingenious levels to solve
River Iq
Play River Iq
River Iq - A family of 5 members (mother, father, two girls, two boys) and a cop must pass the river.
Rock Garden
Play Rock Garden
Rock Garden - Form groups of five gems of the same color
Chess 2d
Play Chess 2d
Chess 2d - The most famous game of logic intelligence, with easy and average levels.
Chess 3d
Play Chess 3d
Chess 3d - Another version of the most popular game of intelligence, 3D graphic.
Seesaw Logic
Play Seesaw Logic
Seesaw Logic - Test your perspicacity and indicate which object weighs more.
Shaggy Midnight Snack
Play Shaggy Midnight Snack
Shaggy Midnight Snack - A logic game for kids, with Shaggy from the Scooby Doo animation.
Shape Switcher
Play Shape Switcher
Shape Switcher - Change the color and shape to get to the next level
Play Sota
Sota - Set the satellite relays achieving the maximum signal coverage.
Spark Chess
Play Spark Chess
Spark Chess - A chess with 3 difficulty levels available. It has the option to save the game.
Play Sudoku
Sudoku - A classic mathematical game with numbers.
The Sheep The Cabbage And The Wolf
Play The Sheep The Cabbage And The Wolf
The Sheep The Cabbage And The Wolf - Move the sheep, cabbage and the wolf on the other side.
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Logic Perspicacity Games

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