Logic Perspicacity Games

Logic Games are made to train and test the logic ability of the mind, requiring logical thinking, intuition and perspicacity in solving various problems and analyze various movements necessary to finish the level, and win the game.

Electric Box 2

Play Electric Box 2
Electric Box 2 - Send electrical power to a terminal device.

Reversi Gold

Play Reversi Gold
Reversi Gold - A game of logic and perspicacity on chessboard, as shown above.

Good Daddy 2

Play Good Daddy 2
Good Daddy 2 - Again good daddy helping his son on the way to school.

Snoring 3

Play Snoring 3
Snoring 3 - Another sleeper in game, an elephant that must be awakened.

Magic Safari

Play Magic Safari
Magic Safari - Make good roads for a monkey that travel in Safari.

Iq Test

Play Iq Test
Iq Test - Intelligence test for determining the IQ.

Monsterventures Space Crash

Play Monsterventures Space Crash
Monsterventures Space Crash - Accompany a little alien in finding pieces of his ship.

Break The Egg

Play Break The Egg
Break The Egg - Find a smart way to break eggs to hatch from them.

Add Em Up

Play Add Em Up
Add Em Up - Mathematical logic game with multiple of numbers.

Mate In One Move

Play Mate In One Move
Mate In One Move - Test levels Chess with Matt the first move.

In Couples

Play In Couples
In Couples - Guide a kitten and a puppy to get each one to his pair.

Mario Back Home

Play Mario Back Home
Mario Back Home - Help Mario and Luigi to reach the door that leads them home.

Truck Loader 4

Play Truck Loader 4
Truck Loader 4 - A mobile crane equipped with a magnet loads boxes into a truck.

Color Joy 2

Play Color Joy 2
Color Joy 2 - Help all of the shapes collect stars and reach the portals by removing objects. Same-colored shapes will absorb each other.
Shrink It 2
Play Shrink It 2
Shrink It 2 - Guide the blue face to the star in all 40 levels by shrinking objects.
Let It Glow 2
Play Let It Glow 2
Let It Glow 2 - Remove objects to move transmitters and batteries so that the bulbs light up in each stage.
Wanna Oranges
Play Wanna Oranges
Wanna Oranges - Feed the little panda with his prefered fruits, fresh oranges.
Cat Around Africa
Play Cat Around Africa
Cat Around Africa - Through various mechanisms, bring a distinctive object to the clever traveling cat.
Clover Flower
Play Clover Flower
Clover Flower - Bring water and sunlight to the clover flower to make it blossom and happy in this beautiful game.
Play Nightflies
Nightflies - With the power of weevil, help the Night Flies to fix the lamps lights in the garden.
Polar Puzzle Cubes
Play Polar Puzzle Cubes
Polar Puzzle Cubes - In this thinking game move the ball over all the cubes, only once.
Squid Skid
Play Squid Skid
Squid Skid - An octopus who thought is a squid had been caught by squid hunters. Help his elder brother to release him.
Amigo Pancho
Play Amigo Pancho
Amigo Pancho - Help amigo Pancho to avoid the cactus to escape from the big canyon, carried by two balloons.
Amigo Pancho 2
Play Amigo Pancho 2
Amigo Pancho 2 - In this game, the buddy Pancho needs help to go up with his balloons to the top of New York city.
Amigo Pancho 3
Play Amigo Pancho 3
Amigo Pancho 3 - This time, the pal Pancho is in a Sheriff mission with his polices balloons.
Amigo Pancho 4
Play Amigo Pancho 4
Amigo Pancho 4 - Make safe and free the travel of buddy Pancho, carried by two balloons.
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Logic Perspicacity Games

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