Logic Perspicacity Games

Logic Games are made to train and test the logic ability of the mind, requiring logical thinking, intuition and perspicacity in solving various problems and analyze various movements necessary to finish the level, and win the game.

Amigo Pancho

Play Amigo Pancho
Amigo Pancho - Help amigo Pancho to avoid the cactus to escape from the big canyon, carried by two balloons.

Amigo Pancho 2

Play Amigo Pancho 2
Amigo Pancho 2 - In this game, the buddy Pancho needs help to go up with his balloons to the top of New York city.

Amigo Pancho 3

Play Amigo Pancho 3
Amigo Pancho 3 - This time, the pal Pancho is in a Sheriff mission with his polices balloons.

Amigo Pancho 4

Play Amigo Pancho 4
Amigo Pancho 4 - Make safe and free the travel of buddy Pancho, carried by two balloons.

Simple Motions 2

Play Simple Motions 2
Simple Motions 2 - Help the creature to collect the stars along the path and find the correct path to the flagstone.

Tricky Fish

Play Tricky Fish
Tricky Fish - This fish knows a few tricks, and it loves pearls. Help it bounce off trampolines to collect all the pearls.

Ice Ball Fire Ball Born Together

Play Ice Ball Fire Ball Born Together
Ice Ball Fire Ball Born Together - Ice ball and Fire ball love each other. Help them to meet, and to be together, and enjoy the game.

Jungle Brain

Play Jungle Brain
Jungle Brain - Practice math and reaction speed with this educational game. You can play with a friend, or vs. computer.

Tiny King

Play Tiny King
Tiny King - Enter into a funny fairy tale with a cute little king. Find the key and open the door to the next level.

Robo Trobo

Play Robo Trobo
Robo Trobo - Robo Trobo is a robot who solves troubles in his city. Guide him to fix engine that keeps city flying.

Jelly Lam

Play Jelly Lam
Jelly Lam - Stretch Jelly, move and color him in 3 different worlds, to collect stars and get the key to exit.

The Red Train

Play The Red Train
The Red Train - Clear out the path for your red little toy train and get your train over from one point to another.

Cover Orange Wildwest

Play Cover Orange Wildwest
Cover Orange Wildwest - The Journey of the brave orange continues. Protect your cowboy oranges from the deadly rain.

Clock House Santa

Play Clock House Santa
Clock House Santa - Help Santa to unlock the Clock house in which will celebrate the Happy Christmas.
Cover Orange Journey Pirates
Play Cover Orange Journey Pirates
Cover Orange Journey Pirates - Protect the brave orange and his pal from the dark cloud on a pirate ship.
Gifts Pusher
Play Gifts Pusher
Gifts Pusher - Use your skill and move the mouse with delicacy to push the christmas gift to its place.
Blob Thrower
Play Blob Thrower
Blob Thrower - Fire your blob cannon to unite big yellow blobs by pushing them into each other.
Gifts Pusher 2
Play Gifts Pusher 2
Gifts Pusher 2 - Put the Christmas gifts to their places. Use whatever is at hand – books, magical Christmas hats and other things.
Blob Thrower 2
Play Blob Thrower 2
Blob Thrower 2 - Aim the thrower and launch small black blobs, interact with any objects so to bring the yellow blobs together.
Play Bristlies
Bristlies - Cut ropes and guide balls into their respective boxes with the help of cannons, fans, dynamite, and energy fields.
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Logic Perspicacity Games

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