Escape Games

In this type of games the main goal is to get out of a particular location, free. Combine logic and perspicacity in solving puzzles and finding clues and items needed to pass various doors or logic themes.

Writers Apartment

Play Writers Apartment
Solve the puzzles and find the letters to get the key to unlock the door

Messy Hotel Room

Play Messy Hotel Room
Collect all the letters, solve puzzles and get the key to unlock the door

Hermie Heckles Fun House

Play Hermie Heckles Fun House
Try to escape from this fun house by figuring out the puzzle to multiple rooms.

Cutaway House Escape

Play Cutaway House Escape
Find keys, solve puzzles that help you open the door to get out from house

World of Steampunk 2

Play World of Steampunk 2
An robotic hero escapes from prison and decide to stand up against a loony emperor

Jail Break Rush

Play Jail Break Rush
An innocent prisoned man has two weeks to escape before he's locked up for good.

Jul`s Getaway

Play Jul`s Getaway
Use your skill and assist a strange creature to escape from a toy shop.

Raccoon's Break Out

Play Raccoon's Break Out
A smart raccoon breaks out from the zoo and continues the good and free lifestyle

Mental Hospital Escape

Play Mental Hospital Escape
A game for smart people; help the protagonist escape from a mental hospital

Audio Studio Escape

Play Audio Studio Escape
Find the last key that opens the exit door from an audio studio

Ajaz Treasure Hunt

Play Ajaz Treasure Hunt
The box with the tresure is not hidden, just find the key that opens it

Camera Museum

Play Camera Museum
Escape from the museum by finding camera in museum and opening the exit door.

Clock Room

Play Clock Room
Clock Room - There is a big clock on the wall that indicates the clue to open the door.

Ancient Odyssey

Play Ancient Odyssey
Ancient Odyssey - Solve various logic puzzles for smart people, and go out of pyramid.
Legendary Escape
Play Legendary Escape
Legendary Escape - Dare to enter the epic adventure full of brain teasers and locked doors.
Escape From Circus
Play Escape From Circus
Escape From Circus - Find the way with your mind to go out of the circus tent.
Escape From Circus 2
Play Escape From Circus 2
Escape From Circus 2 - Other 25 levels with smart puzzles to go out of the circus tent.
Escape The Great Prince
Play Escape The Great Prince
Escape The Great Prince - Use your mind and perspicacity to release the prince turned into statue.
Escape Mystic Island
Play Escape Mystic Island
Escape Mystic Island - In this game the object is to find way to escape from a mystic island.
Blue Room Escape
Play Blue Room Escape
Blue Room Escape - Try solve all puzzles, find way to escape from this blue room.
Find The Treasure
Play Find The Treasure
Find The Treasure - Find useful objects and clues to solve all puzzles to find the treasure in this mystery house.
Puzzle Door
Play Puzzle Door
Puzzle Door - Let`s solve all puzzles, wits to piece together the clues, find way to unlock this room.
Fantasy Blue Room Escape
Play Fantasy Blue Room Escape
Fantasy Blue Room Escape - Look for clues, solve all the puzzles, find way to finish this game.
Play Skippy
Skippy - Skippy ate the wrong berries and shrunk himself. Help him get back to normal size.
Four Orbs Yellow
Play Four Orbs Yellow
Four Orbs Yellow - Look for clues, solve puzzles and found out the 4 orbs to escape from the yellow room.
Escape From Lonely Room
Play Escape From Lonely Room
Escape From Lonely Room - Find way to go out of a lonely green room by fiding all the clues and objects carefully hidden.
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Escape Games

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