Various Games

These are usually games like Sims, peaceful, or that do not fit specifically into a certain / distinct category.

Penci Rush 3D

Play Penci Rush 3D
Collect more pens, avoid obstacles, and don't touch the walls. The more..

Green Mover

Play Green Mover
Control a green ball and the goal is to collect all the stars in the level.

Domie Love Pranking

Play Domie Love Pranking
In this game destroy all the tricks through the effects triggered by some..

Hall Hit

Play Hall Hit
Rotate this, move that, and everything will work out. Help the ball follow..

Sinal Game

Play Sinal Game
Observe the mathematical equation and answer which is the correct operator.

Happy Milk Glass

Play Happy Milk Glass
Draw with a shovel the optimal way to move milk to fill a bucket.

High Shoes

Play High Shoes
Run on stilts and avoid obstacles carefully. Try to make highest stilts.

Hidden Objects for the Prince

Play Hidden Objects for the Prince
List of objects to find is on the left side of the screen. Find them on the scene.

Pawn Boss

Play Pawn Boss
Use your bargaining skills to get the price as low as possible before you buy.

Pencil Rush Online

Play Pencil Rush Online
Collect all pencils to complete the paintings. Hold and slide to play.

Fluffy Merge

Play Fluffy Merge
Eliminate as many Fluffies as possible by merging them with the same colours.

Water Sort Puzzle 2

Play Water Sort Puzzle 2
Sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors in the same glass.

Mees Kees Stacker

Play Mees Kees Stacker
With strategy, stack all kinds of different objects and don't let them fall.

Digger Ball

Play Digger Ball
You must dig a tunnel for the ball to slide straight down to the target.
Ring of Love 3D
Play Ring of Love 3D
Controls the ring to reach the end of the track, dodge all obstacles.
Fit Balls
Play Fit Balls
Put all the balls fit in the jar without crossing the top lane to win.
Spot the Difference
Play Spot the Difference
Find all the differences in those pictures and progress through all the stages.
Conduct This
Play Conduct This
Race against time, bring passengers to their destination by train.
Bouncy Stick
Play Bouncy Stick
Bounce the stick and reach the destination. There are obstacles and rewards.
Draw Rider
Play Draw Rider
Draw wheels and then racing, different challenges need diverse shapes of wheels.
Domino Falling
Play Domino Falling
Position the Domino pieces to the endpoint and push it all the way to the end.
Love Dots
Play Love Dots
Lets reveal your skills and Imagination in this game full of love.
Stacky Run
Play Stacky Run
Collect the bricks on the platform, because the bridge needs to be built.
Break the Candies
Play Break the Candies
Use the Arrow keys to move your candy around and touch the target.
Save them all
Play Save them all
You need to help the little angel and give her the most secure protection.
Maze Control
Play Maze Control
Control the maze and look for a way out of it for the blue ball.
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Various Games

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