Various Games

These are usually games like Sims, peaceful, or that do not fit specifically into a certain / distinct category.

Ice Jump

Play Ice Jump
Controls an ice cube that jumps from one glass to another

Autumn Leaves Memory

Play Autumn Leaves Memory
Count up the leaves and find the card that shows the same number

Music Ball - Music in the Sky

Play Music Ball - Music in the Sky
Drag and place music instruments to make the colored balls reach into a portal

Eco Ego

Play Eco Ego
A game that simulates relation between ecology and the ego of human being.

Brick Builder: Police Edition

Play Brick Builder: Police Edition
A nice game with LEGO pieces, the building blocks of your childhood.

Strawberry Shortcake

Play Strawberry Shortcake
See how to cook a simple strawberry shortcake with virtual ingredients.

Little Red Forest Adventure

Play Little Red Forest Adventure
Join Little Red Riding Hood on her adventure through the forest that she has to cross

Big Restaurant Chef

Play Big Restaurant Chef
At Big Chef restaurant try to give the perfect food and service to your customers.

Park My Train

Play Park My Train
Guide trains to their destinations by managing direction and switches

Railway Bridge

Play Railway Bridge
Construct a bridge that will allow the train to pass through each level.

Princesses Cake Cooking

Play Princesses Cake Cooking
Make a cake for the princess and use game accessories to decorate it

Snowball Siege 2

Play Snowball Siege 2
Throw your snowballs at the ice to get the presents safely to the ground

Lost in a Fairy Tale

Play Lost in a Fairy Tale
Find hidden objects in various scenes in a fairy tale world

Me and the Key 2

Play Me and the Key 2
Each level is a mini-game in which you have to get a key
Daisy Escape Play School Fun
Play Daisy Escape Play School Fun
Daisy Escape Play School Fun - Help the little Daisy get ready to go to school.
Play Demoman
Demoman - Play with crane and demolish the old buildings
Dexter Runaway Robot
Play Dexter Runaway Robot
Dexter Runaway Robot - Dexter must find goggles and his lost robot.
Flash Pinball
Play Flash Pinball
Flash Pinball - A virtual version of the popular mechanic Pinball game.
Play Geography
Geography - Test your geography knowledge with this educational game
Play Hiphop
Hiphop - Help three divas to learn to dance to the music
Lazy Town
Play Lazy Town
Lazy Town - Game like Monopoly, with other small and funny surprises.
Nicoles Mommy Challenge
Play Nicoles Mommy Challenge
Nicoles Mommy Challenge - Take care of a baby, make food, have time to eat and rest a bit.
Rocket Toilet 2
Play Rocket Toilet 2
Rocket Toilet 2 - Traveling with a super toateta bowl through different eras.
Play Seed
Seed - Get various combinations, shapes and varieties of fantastic plants.
Backgammon Simple
Play Backgammon Simple
Backgammon Simple - A flash version of the famous board game
Tom And Jerry
Play Tom And Jerry
Tom And Jerry - Play with favorite cartoon character: Tom or Jerry.
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Various Games

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