Adventure Games

Adventure games generally have scenes with beautiful graphics and aim to solve mysteries using different elements in game, some leading player into a world of adventures and discoveries.

Brave Baby Escape

Play Brave Baby Escape
Adventure game, your mission is to deliver your dear foster grandpa.

Save the Fish 2

Play Save the Fish 2
Pull the right pins so that the fish can reach safely to the ocean.

Fish Rescue Pin Pull

Play Fish Rescue Pin Pull
Rescue the fish by pulling Pin, eliminate the predator and survive well.

Save the Princess

Play Save the Princess
Think carefully so that you can find the right way to save the trapped Princess.

Love and Treasure Quest

Play Love and Treasure Quest
Test your skills as you figure out puzzles, get the treasure, save the Princess.

Adam and Eve 8

Play Adam and Eve 8
Find a smart safe way to guide Adam home throughout many levels.

Adam and Eve - Aliens

Play Adam and Eve - Aliens
Explore this world together with Adam and guide him to his beloved Eve.


Play Homescapes
Adventure and puzzle, choose which doors to open carefully and reach the girl.

Adam and Eve Go

Play Adam and Eve Go
Control Adam on his journey to find Eve and their house, and bring Eve the gift.

Adam and Eve - Snow

Play Adam and Eve - Snow
Adam has a special mission, to bring Eve a christmas tree.

Escape Out

Play Escape Out
Save yourself and your mates from unexpected traps and tricky obstacles.

Adam and Eve 5 Part 2

Play Adam and Eve 5 Part 2
Continue the journey of the character Adam to find his true love

Adam and Eve 5 Part 1

Play Adam and Eve 5 Part 1
Adam has run away from his previous love and wants to find a new soul mate

Dynamons World

Play Dynamons World
Catch and collect Dynamons and train them to become stronger in this action-adventure game
Orion Sandbox Enhanced
Play Orion Sandbox Enhanced
Survive on a virgin world, collect materials, craft tools, complete missions, and so on
Neil the Nail
Play Neil the Nail
Point-n-click adventure-action game with a nail that must find Mr. Magnet
Anbot 2
Play Anbot 2
Help Anbot to escape and to save his girlfriend kidnapped by alliens
Diamonds Chase
Play Diamonds Chase
A miner finds a map and travels through old mines to find lost diamonds.
Waldo the Wizard
Play Waldo the Wizard
An adventure game with a kindly wizard that goes deep into a forest to find his dragon friend
Play Weesix
Upgrade a little car so that she is able to win the race against a blue car.
Play Vaontis
A cyborg must shut down an aliens camouflage shield to escape from the alien base.
The Story of Brewster Chipptooth
Play The Story of Brewster Chipptooth
Point’n click adventure game. Brewster has had enough of the pirate life and he decided to leave the crew.
Wheely 8 - Aliens
Play Wheely 8 - Aliens
The smart and brave car meets some friendly aliens who need help to repair their space ship.
Amigo Pancho 8 - The Death Star
Play Amigo Pancho 8 - The Death Star
The adventure of our Mexican friend into a space ship, to save the planet Earth.
Easy Joe 4
Play Easy Joe 4
A funky little adventure and smartness game with a good sense of humor.
Kiwi Hood
Play Kiwi Hood
A simple adventure game with a kiwi fruit, inspired from the Robin Hood story.
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Adventure Games

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