Strategy Games

Strategy games require leadership ability of the player, and strategic analysis in determining the best actions and moves that must be made ​​to finish the levels of the game.

Chess Mania

Play Chess Mania
Chess strategy, analyze your next move and improve your chess skills.

Wizard's Treasure

Play Wizard's Treasure
Match three or more identical items, unlock the door to find the treasure.

Stick Clash Online

Play Stick Clash Online
Defeat all the oponents on the battlefield by calculating the movements of..

Microsoft Bubble

Play Microsoft Bubble
Use skill and strategy to match three or more bubbles of the same color.

Balance Stack

Play Balance Stack
The player needs to stack the Shapes One by One without making them fall.

Mees Kees Stacker

Play Mees Kees Stacker
With strategy, stack all kinds of different objects and don't let them fall.


Play Rumikub
Arrange the rummy tiles to create the smartest color and number combinations.

Master Chess

Play Master Chess
Three Game mode of Chess: Play against the PC, Challenge a friend, or Multiplayer.

Master Checkers Multiplayer

Play Master Checkers Multiplayer
Three Game mode of Checkers: Play against the PC, Challenge a friend, or Multiplayer.

Backgammon 2020

Play Backgammon 2020
The known Backgammon game, here it is made with HTML5 - WEBGL, in 2020.

3D Chess

Play 3D Chess
Chess game with 7 levels of difficulties to train your logic and strategic skills

Orion Sandbox Enhanced

Play Orion Sandbox Enhanced
Survive on a virgin world, collect materials, craft tools, complete missions, and so on

Carrot Fantasy Extreme 2

Play Carrot Fantasy Extreme 2
Fantasy-themed tower defense game in which you protect an undersea carrot from various creatures


Play Takeover
Lead one of three nations of the Rivadis Empire and takeover your occupied territories.
Mushroom Revolution
Play Mushroom Revolution
Strategy tower-defense game with mushrooms that protect their farm by some strange creatures
Checkers Fun
Play Checkers Fun
Another version of this classic board game of strategy, with 2 levels of dificulty
Backgammon Table Online
Play Backgammon Table Online
Game of skill and strategy mixed in with a little bit of luck
Master Checkers
Play Master Checkers
A classic board game of strategy which requires you to stay sharp and plan ahead
Bloons Tower Defense 5
Play Bloons Tower Defense 5
Online strategy game with various type of towers that pop balloons, in lots of missions, levels and maps.
Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2
Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2
Play strategically with defensive towers and mini-tanks made of bubbles.
Bubble Tanks Tower Defence
Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defence
Strategy game with defensive towers and invading tanks made of bubbles.
Grid of Defense
Play Grid of Defense
Strategy tower-defense game, protect the city from various waves of unfriendly tanks
GemCraft Chasing Shadows
Play GemCraft Chasing Shadows
Combine gems, create defense towers and use them to stop the incoming critters
GemCraft Labyrinth
Play GemCraft Labyrinth
Combine powerful gems and create defense towers that stop the invaders
Doodle God Blitz
Play Doodle God Blitz
Strategy game in which you start with: Fire, Earth, Water and Wind, mix them and create the word
All My Gods
Play All My Gods
All My Gods - Built a great civilization in the city of the god Jupiter.
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Strategy Games

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