Logic Perspicacity Games

Logic Games are made to train and test the logic ability of the mind, requiring logical thinking, intuition and perspicacity in solving various problems and analyze various movements necessary to finish the level, and win the game.

A Pig in a Poke

Play A Pig in a Poke
Launch balls with a cannon to send the cats into a bag with fishes.

Fruit Count Math

Play Fruit Count Math
A mathematics game in which you have to count the fruits inside 2 boxes

Aengie Quest

Play Aengie Quest
Aengie Quest - Help Aengie to find the keys and the way out.

Assembler 4

Play Assembler 4
Assembler 4 - Logic, perspicacity, intuition and patience in a clever game with gravity.


Play Blox
Blox - An attractive logic /perspicacity game with medium difficulty


Play Bloxorz
Bloxorz - An ingenious and captivating game that puts your mind to the test

Brain Test

Play Brain Test
Brain Test - Simple math, intuition and other logic tests for children

Castle Tales

Play Castle Tales
Castle Tales - Clear the path for the main character and his friends to reach the magic door.


Play Colorsok
Colorsok - Another game of logic and perspicacity that puts your mind to the test


Play Connect4
Connect4 - Group 4 balls of the same color on horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Cover Orange

Play Cover Orange
Cover Orange - Use your logic and intuition to put orange to be protected from the rain.

Cover Orange 2

Play Cover Orange 2
Cover Orange 2 - A second version, with 25 levels to protect the orange.

Cover Orange 3

Play Cover Orange 3
Cover Orange 3 - More levels and fun with the logic orange.

Cow Maze

Play Cow Maze
Cow Maze - Help a stray cow reach the destination
Crazy Chess
Play Crazy Chess
Crazy Chess - Play chess with the knight and capture opposing pawns
Play Cubilus
Cubilus - Try to put all the cubes in the right places
Dynamic Systems 2
Play Dynamic Systems 2
Dynamic Systems 2 - Form a system that guides a ball to the destination.
Play Domino
Domino - A Domino game for 2 players, similar to the traditional one.
Du Blox
Play Du Blox
Du Blox - A new version of the logic and perspicacity Blox.
Easy Joe
Play Easy Joe
Easy Joe - Joe is a personage in a strange world. He wants to cross and know that world.
Flash Chess 3
Play Flash Chess 3
Flash Chess 3 - A new version of the Chess game in Flash, with 3 levels of difficulty
Play Fractured
Fractured - Use your logic and intuition to drive the boy to his girlfriend.
Get The Key
Play Get The Key
Get The Key - Recover lost keys and get her to the exit.
Play Gridlock
Gridlock - Clear the way out for the blue rectangle
Light Up
Play Light Up
Light Up - You must light transparent sphere by removing some white spheres
Master Mind
Play Master Mind
Master Mind - Find the combination of four colors and their exact order, in 10 attempts.
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Logic Perspicacity Games

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