Logic Perspicacity Games

Logic Games are made to train and test the logic ability of the mind, requiring logical thinking, intuition and perspicacity in solving various problems and analyze various movements necessary to finish the level, and win the game.

Break the Candies

Play Break the Candies
Use the Arrow keys to move your candy around and touch the target.

EG Quiz Games

Play EG Quiz Games
Challenging yet addictive word guessing game, a Real brain teaser indeed.

Sudoku 2021

Play Sudoku 2021
Think carefully, seek the best solution, and exercise your brain with Sudoku.


Play Rumikub
Arrange the rummy tiles to create the smartest color and number combinations.

Master Chess

Play Master Chess
Three Game mode of Chess: Play against the PC, Challenge a friend, or Multiplayer.

Master Checkers Multiplayer

Play Master Checkers Multiplayer
Three Game mode of Checkers: Play against the PC, Challenge a friend, or Multiplayer.

Pin Rescue

Play Pin Rescue
Meet your friend to help him to escape from a dangerous room.

Emoji Game

Play Emoji Game
Connect pairs of emotions by associations. Think and find the idea of each puzzle.

Connect Dots 2

Play Connect Dots 2
Tap the dots in the corect order to connect the sequential path in the puzzle.

Love Pin 3D

Play Love Pin 3D
Interesting puzzle game with funny levels that need you to find your girl.

Chess Challenges

Play Chess Challenges
Improve your chess game by solving a series of challenges with minimum number of moves


Play Koutack
Try to pile up all the colorful tiles that lay open in this thinking game

Let me Grow

Play Let me Grow
Make the flowers bloom by leading the water supply in their direction

Bunny Quest

Play Bunny Quest
Slide tiles and form a path for the little bunny to reach the exit
3D Chess
Play 3D Chess
Chess game with 7 levels of difficulties to train your logic and strategic skills
Mixed World
Play Mixed World
Move the squared blocks to bump out those red creatures
Mini Muncher
Play Mini Muncher
A logic and puzzle game with a feline that doesnt like fish, but chocolate
Funny Bunny Logic
Play Funny Bunny Logic
Make all tiles green so the bunny can go safely to the next level
Dung Beetle Derby
Play Dung Beetle Derby
Remove objects to get the ball of soil to the dung beetle so he can push it.
Play Pathillogical
With intelligence find the path that the arrow should take to reach the exit
Dig It Puzzle
Play Dig It Puzzle
Use mouse to drag, flip, spin and drop the tiles to reveal a hidden treasure
I Love Carrot
Play I Love Carrot
Guide a Rabbit to his favorite food Carrot in this Perspicacity puzzle game
Play Compulse
Place action blocks on stage to get the ball bounce and enter the portal.
Play Shapeformers
Change certain shapes to get them to roll or push red shapes off the screen.
Play Prisme
Use mirrors, prisms to reflect and modify the laser light to bloom colored flowers
Nightflies 2
Play Nightflies 2
Use lady beetles to fly objects off the play-field so that nightflies can get the lanterns
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Logic Perspicacity Games

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