Management Games

Management games are fun games where you have to manage various shops, farms, restaurants or other locations, or to work as an employee. Develop polite nature with good sense, strategy, and management skills.

Tavern Master

Play Tavern Master
Manage your medieval tavern. You can buy tables and benches, serve different...

Pawn Boss

Play Pawn Boss
Use your bargaining skills to get the price as low as possible before you buy.

Shopping Mall Tycoon

Play Shopping Mall Tycoon
Buy a small plot of land, build your first store, manage and try to expand it.

Orion Sandbox Enhanced

Play Orion Sandbox Enhanced
Survive on a virgin world, collect materials, craft tools, complete missions, and so on

Farm Time

Play Farm Time
Manage a farm with crops and animals, sell the resources and save $20000 money.

Farm To Fork

Play Farm To Fork
Build up your bakery as you add ingredients, sell them for profit, and buy new machines

Island Tribe 5

Play Island Tribe 5
On an island try to complete different tasks to discover Atlantis and rescue a scientist

Amuse Park

Play Amuse Park
Build your own amuse park; eight levels in which you make the visitors happy.

Burger Bustle

Play Burger Bustle
Burger Bustle - Help Addie to serve all customers in a Fast Food

Cake Shop

Play Cake Shop
Cake Shop - See what it is like to have a cake shop with cookies on demand.


Play Waitress
Waitress - Do you want to see what it`s like to be a waitress?

Cooking Happy Pizza

Play Cooking Happy Pizza
Cooking Happy Pizza - A game for those who love cooking pizza.

Jane Hotel

Play Jane Hotel
Jane Hotel - A nice game in which manage a hotel.

My New Room 2

Play My New Room 2
My New Room 2 - Arrange and decorate the room as you like.
Papas Burgeria
Play Papas Burgeria
Papas Burgeria - Work in dad`s new restaurant, which serves hamburgers.
Papas Taco Mia
Play Papas Taco Mia
Papas Taco Mia - Papa has a new restaurant with taco, traditional Mexican food.
Play Plantasia
Plantasia - Enter into the story of a magical garden with beautiful plants and flowers.
Play Safari
Safari - Manage a Safari park with animals in a wildlife reservation.
The Farmer
Play The Farmer
The Farmer - Build your own vegetable garden, become skilled farmer.
Theme Hotel
Play Theme Hotel
Theme Hotel - Skillfully, build and develop a 5 star hotel.
Youda Farmer
Play Youda Farmer
Youda Farmer - Observe and participate in the development of a virtual farm.
Happy Farm
Play Happy Farm
Happy Farm - Cultivate the land and develop pleasantly a rustic farm.
Farm Frenzy Pizza Party
Play Farm Frenzy Pizza Party
Farm Frenzy Pizza Party - Return to the farm and produce the own ingredients for pizza.
Farm Fun
Play Farm Fun
Farm Fun - Build and care your own agricultural farm in a virtual environment.
Bob The Inventor
Play Bob The Inventor
Bob The Inventor - Invest money, buy "ingredients", combine them into an amazing invention and sell it in the right place.
Island Tribe 2
Play Island Tribe 2
Island Tribe 2 - Adventure of a tribe of Indians in a mysterious island.
Management Games

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