Mahjong Games

These flash games are different from the traditional Mahjong game, originating from China, more complex and different. These are like the puzzle genre, with a simple rule: to find pairs of identical elements; requiring attention and sense of observation.

Mahjong Relax

Play Mahjong Relax
Match identical stones and remove pairs from the field to win the game

Fall Mahjong

Play Fall Mahjong
A game with 12 maps, simple and easy to play, to remove all tiles

Jolly 2 Jong

Play Jolly 2 Jong
A relaxant 3D-ish game of Mahjong, you can play Classic or Arcade 60 sec. mode.

Mahjong Marine Life

Play Mahjong Marine Life
Tiles with marine life theme. Remove them pair by pair until all the tiles are gone.

Math Mahjong Advanced

Play Math Mahjong Advanced
Practice addition, substraction, multiplication and play a mah-jong game

Mahjong Math

Play Mahjong Math
Classic Mahjong game with Math flavor where you can practice the addition

3d Mahjong

Play 3d Mahjong
3d Mahjong - Mahjong game in three dimensions and time limit

Animal Connect Mahjong

Play Animal Connect Mahjong
Animal Connect Mahjong - Mahjong pieces that have drawings with images of the animal.

Cartoon Mahjong

Play Cartoon Mahjong
Cartoon Mahjong - More for children with cheerful cartoon figures

Christmas Mahjong

Play Christmas Mahjong
Christmas Mahjong - Remove items from the game by clicking with the mouse on identical items.

Dog Mahjong

Play Dog Mahjong
Dog Mahjong - Form pairs of identical tiles with pictures of dogs.

Dream Pet Link

Play Dream Pet Link
Dream Pet Link - Another Mahjong game for children, pet drawings.


Play Kullors
Kullors - Mahjong game with pieces in 6 colors and the possibility of combining them.

Looney Tunes Mahjong

Play Looney Tunes Mahjong
Looney Tunes Mahjong - Mahjong for children with Looney Tunes cartoon characters.
Mah Jomino
Play Mah Jomino
Mah Jomino - A game that combines the strategy of Mahjong and Dominoes.
Play Mahjong1
Mahjong1 - Famous Asian game of intuition and sense of observation
Play Mahjong2
Mahjong2 - Empty the field finding identical figures that have the same image and the same mark on them.
Mahjong 3d
Play Mahjong 3d
Mahjong 3d - A 3D version of this classic Chinese game.
Mahjongg Alchemy
Play Mahjongg Alchemy
Mahjongg Alchemy - An easy version of the game Mahjongg, with light graphics.
Mahjong Gardens
Play Mahjong Gardens
Mahjong Gardens - Rocks are placed in a garden with birds.
Mahjong Long
Play Mahjong Long
Mahjong Long - An original version of the classic Chinese game Mahjong.
Mahjong Tower 2
Play Mahjong Tower 2
Mahjong Tower 2 - A classic mah-jong with pieces arranged like a tower.
Mahjong Valley Mountains
Play Mahjong Valley Mountains
Mahjong Valley Mountains - A typical Mahjong flash game with a calming soundtrack, having Chinese characters.
Morxius Mahjongg
Play Morxius Mahjongg
Morxius Mahjongg - ,Solve 12 Mahjong puzzle to save a village.
Toy Collection Mahjong
Play Toy Collection Mahjong
Toy Collection Mahjong - Is it baby?, see for yourself if you can handle it.
Play Twins
Twins - A Mahjong with color pieces, simple, easy and recreational.
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Mahjong Games

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