Puzzle games combine imagination and intuition. Generally, these games are fun and easy to play, but some also have an advanced level of difficulty. See for yourself.

Kick the Block

Play Kick the Block
Get the red blocks off the screen, but save the green ones as you slice through shapes.

Cover Pou Summer

Play Cover Pou Summer
Drop the objects above the dotted line. Create a safe place for Pou to wait out the storm.

Build Balance 2

Play Build Balance 2
Stack various type of shapes on the screen. Your construction must NOT fall down

Dig It Puzzle

Play Dig It Puzzle
Use mouse to drag, flip, spin and drop the tiles to reveal a hidden treasure

Twist It

Play Twist It
Pentomino gameplay, put all puzzle shapes on the game board on right place

Paris Jewelry Shop

Play Paris Jewelry Shop
Match 3 puzzle game, move jewels to match three or more figures in a row


Play Droplem
A physics puzzle game where you slice the shapes to remove some blocks.

I Love Carrot

Play I Love Carrot
Guide a Rabbit to his favorite food Carrot in this Perspicacity puzzle game

Candy Ride 4

Play Candy Ride 4
Use a ball to push other little balls, candies to make them reach to a boy.


Play Compulse
Place action blocks on stage to get the ball bounce and enter the portal.

Unfreeze Me 2

Play Unfreeze Me 2
Use your mouse on the bottle with warm water to hit the ice to melt it.

Neon Maze

Play Neon Maze
Guide our hero through the Neon Maze on his way to freedom in this game


Play Prisme
Use mirrors, prisms to reflect and modify the laser light to bloom colored flowers


Play Walker
Move a green platform that helps walkers to walk safely on the ground.
Yin finds Yang - Extra Pack
Play Yin finds Yang - Extra Pack
Click to remove shapes to get the yin and yang balls to touch each other in more levels.
Play Luminobes
Move pipes and blocks to guide the light towards the right colored lightcatcher
Go Green
Play Go Green
Help green shapes to land safe on the grass platform.
5 Bubbles
Play 5 Bubbles
Make 5 bubbles in a line, collect parts of the pitcher and get a vintage pitcher.
Shape Fold Animals
Play Shape Fold Animals
Try to put together each of these paper animals in this fun and relaxing puzzle game
Car Ferry
Play Car Ferry
Drop objects to make a bridge that will allow the car to reach the ferry.
Play Vase
Keep a fragile vase off the ground whilst removing all the shapes in this puzzling physics game
Magic Treasure
Play Magic Treasure
Magic Treasure. Connect the gems of the same color and same size to make them return to the chest
Play Rotatinator
Rotatinator, get the ball out of this box. Just rotate the box and ball will fall out.
Adam and Eve in Love
Play Adam and Eve in Love
Drag and place shapes and make a safe path for adam and eve to collect hearts and meet each other.
Dream Fruit Farm
Play Dream Fruit Farm
A colourfull match 3 puzzle game, two friends and their dream about a fruit farm
Play Starries
Drag white balls with lines attached to get the lines to pass threw all the stars on each level.
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