Puzzle Games

Puzzle games combine imagination and intuition. Generally, these games are fun and easy to play, but some also have an advanced level of difficulty. See for yourself.

Orange Rope

Play Orange Rope
Pass the rope through the round objects. It can be controlled with a magnet.

Save the Guy

Play Save the Guy
Puzzle game where you need to help the guy get to the exit in each level.

Love Totems

Play Love Totems
Pull pins and solve the puzzle to connect the blue and red ball to win.

How to Loot! Pull Pin

Play How to Loot! Pull Pin
Pull the pins to find a way for prince to find treasures, or rescue princess.

Brain Tricky Puzzles

Play Brain Tricky Puzzles
Quickly answer the questions on the screen, the answer is in the picture and..

Ball Maze

Play Ball Maze
Rotate the board and smash all the balloons in the maze and you will win.

Blox Escape

Play Blox Escape
Slide all blocks to find the way to escape with block with star in it.

Puzzle Blocks

Play Puzzle Blocks
Move all the pieces into the grid, placing them correctly. No space can be left.

Rotative Pipes Puzzle

Play Rotative Pipes Puzzle
Touch in tiles, rotating them, make all the tiles interconnected with each.


Play Annihilate
An original puzzle game in which you match pairs of atoms of the same color.

Bubble Game Deluxe

Play Bubble Game Deluxe
You must clear as many bubbles as you can. Collect coins to purchase new..

Save the Fish 2

Play Save the Fish 2
Pull the right pins so that the fish can reach safely to the ocean.

Wizard's Treasure

Play Wizard's Treasure
Match three or more identical items, unlock the door to find the treasure.

Color Water Trucks

Play Color Water Trucks
Tap the pin to move it, avoid black color, color the white water, fill up..
Jewels Mine
Play Jewels Mine
Swap and match 3 or more gems of the same type and make points and special..
Colored Water and Pin
Play Colored Water and Pin
Remove the pins and fill the flasks with the appropriate colored water.
Play Mazes
Play this casual puzzle, maze, labyrinth game when you feel mentally fatigued or..
Butterfly Kyodai Deluxe
Play Butterfly Kyodai Deluxe
Connect the same butterflies in this fun connect-2 game. Make use of hints.
Move the Pin
Play Move the Pin
This is a game where you push back the pins to help the colored balls..
Balls Sorted
Play Balls Sorted
Sort balls by tubes. It helps to improve logic and recognition skills.
Green Mover
Play Green Mover
Control a green ball and the goal is to collect all the stars in the level.
Roll the Flow
Play Roll the Flow
Turn the block, successfully connect the circuit, and the light will come on.
Hall Hit
Play Hall Hit
Rotate this, move that, and everything will work out. Help the ball follow..
Rachel Holmes
Play Rachel Holmes
Spot the differences while looking at thousands of pictures and competing..
Pool Buddy 3
Play Pool Buddy 3
In this game you have to pull a pin to take the water into the pool.
Balance Stack
Play Balance Stack
The player needs to stack the Shapes One by One without making them fall.
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Puzzle Games

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