Puzzle Games

Puzzle games combine imagination and intuition. Generally, these games are fun and easy to play, but some also have an advanced level of difficulty. See for yourself.

Puzzle Pieces

Play Puzzle Pieces
Move pieces from the center circle into outer ones to fill and remove them.

Fish Rescue Pin Pull

Play Fish Rescue Pin Pull
Rescue the fish by pulling Pin, eliminate the predator and survive well.

Smart Pin Ball

Play Smart Pin Ball
Push back the pins Make balls colored and get into the transparent flask.

Discovery Fraction Addition

Play Discovery Fraction Addition
This is an educational game designed to tech kids about adding fractions.

Saving the Fish 2

Play Saving the Fish 2
Have fun with this new game, an adventure full of puzzles, slide the pins.

Fish Rescue Pull the Pin

Play Fish Rescue Pull the Pin
We invite you to rescue the fish that have found themselves without their ..

Microsoft Jigsaw

Play Microsoft Jigsaw
Jigsaw boasts a host of features that make solving puzzles easy and enjoyable.

Save the Princess

Play Save the Princess
Think carefully so that you can find the right way to save the trapped Princess.

Water Connect Puzzle

Play Water Connect Puzzle
In this game you need to reconnect the pipes. To make the flowers bloom.

Fit Shape

Play Fit Shape
Try to figure out where to put the shape based on the blank space on the board.

Microsoft Jewel

Play Microsoft Jewel
Match three or more identical jewels and watch as it magically disappear.

Sand Truck

Play Sand Truck
In this game, move the pins to load the trucks with sand of different colors.

Sand Balls 2

Play Sand Balls 2
Dig a way for the balls and they were able to get into the back of the truck.

Rescue my Love

Play Rescue my Love
Pull the right pins so that the little bear can reach to his girlfriend.
Bubble Invasion
Play Bubble Invasion
Match 2 or more bubbles of the same color to eliminate and stop them.
Happy Filled Glass
Play Happy Filled Glass
In this game draw with a pencil the optimal way to move water to fill a glass.
Football Mover
Play Football Mover
Click on the objects in the game and put the ball in the goal, Soccer mover.
Linking Puzzles
Play Linking Puzzles
Draw lines to connect numbers in ascending order, in given time.
Happy Easter Puzzle
Play Happy Easter Puzzle
Jigsaw puzzle game, images with the happy easter, keep your brain sharp.
Easter Bunny Slide
Play Easter Bunny Slide
Puzzle games of the Easter Bunny. It includes 3 images and 3 modes to play.
Super Candy Jewels
Play Super Candy Jewels
Swap and match 3 candies of identical color to remove them in this game.
Tricky Shapes
Play Tricky Shapes
Put the shapes in the correct place to fit all of them into the shape provided.
Pin and Balls
Play Pin and Balls
Be smart, let the colored balls successfully fell into the bottom of the bucket.
Chess Move
Play Chess Move
Chess pieces, capture the opposing king (red one), who is lazy and never moves.
Teddy Bubble Rescue
Play Teddy Bubble Rescue
Use a variety of tactics to pop the bubbles, rescue the mini teddy bears.
Digger Ball
Play Digger Ball
You must dig a tunnel for the ball to slide straight down to the target.
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Puzzle Games

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