Puzzle Games

Puzzle games combine imagination and intuition. Generally, these games are fun and easy to play, but some also have an advanced level of difficulty. See for yourself.

Fruita Crush

Play Fruita Crush
A match-3 game where you combine lots of tasty fruits in over 100 levels

Let me Grow

Play Let me Grow
Make the flowers bloom by leading the water supply in their direction

Bunny Quest

Play Bunny Quest
Slide tiles and form a path for the little bunny to reach the exit

Cut the Rope 2

Play Cut the Rope 2
Cut ropes, collect gold stars and get candies in this puzzle game

Hexagon Fall

Play Hexagon Fall
Remove the blocks to move the hexagon down, and not let it fall

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Play Cut the Rope: Time Travel
Join Om Nom as he travels back in time to share candies with his ancestors

Cut the Rope: Experiments

Play Cut the Rope: Experiments
The green creature collects stars and eats lots of candies

Jewel Pop

Play Jewel Pop
Swap the pieces and pop the colorful balloons in lots of levels

Jelly Rock Ola

Play Jelly Rock Ola
Go through the Jelly Forest to collect new ingredients in this match-3 puzzle game

Buttons Scissors Story

Play Buttons Scissors Story
With strategy, cut all the buttons from the game board according to their colors

Mini Muncher

Play Mini Muncher
A logic and puzzle game with a feline that doesnt like fish, but chocolate

Funny Bunny Logic

Play Funny Bunny Logic
Make all tiles green so the bunny can go safely to the next level

Cut the Rope Magic

Play Cut the Rope Magic
Fun puzzle game in which you cut ropes, collect gold stars and give candies to Om Nom

Kick the Block

Play Kick the Block
Get the red blocks off the screen, but save the green ones as you slice through shapes.
Cover Pou Summer
Play Cover Pou Summer
Drop the objects above the dotted line. Create a safe place for Pou to wait out the storm.
Build Balance 2
Play Build Balance 2
Stack various type of shapes on the screen. Your construction must NOT fall down
Dig It Puzzle
Play Dig It Puzzle
Use mouse to drag, flip, spin and drop the tiles to reveal a hidden treasure
Twist It
Play Twist It
Pentomino gameplay, put all puzzle shapes on the game board on right place
Paris Jewelry Shop
Play Paris Jewelry Shop
Match 3 puzzle game, move jewels to match three or more figures in a row
Play Droplem
A physics puzzle game where you slice the shapes to remove some blocks.
I Love Carrot
Play I Love Carrot
Guide a Rabbit to his favorite food Carrot in this Perspicacity puzzle game
Candy Ride 4
Play Candy Ride 4
Use a ball to push other little balls, candies to make them reach to a boy.
Play Compulse
Place action blocks on stage to get the ball bounce and enter the portal.
Unfreeze Me 2
Play Unfreeze Me 2
Use your mouse on the bottle with warm water to hit the ice to melt it.
Neon Maze
Play Neon Maze
Guide our hero through the Neon Maze on his way to freedom in this game
Play Prisme
Use mirrors, prisms to reflect and modify the laser light to bloom colored flowers
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Puzzle Games

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