Adventure Games

Adventure games generally have scenes with beautiful graphics and aim to solve mysteries using different elements in game, some leading player into a world of adventures and discoveries.

Adam And Eve 2

Play Adam And Eve 2
Adam And Eve 2 - Adam explores the environment and interacts with objects in the right order to clear the path for true love.

Lucys Dream Adventure

Play Lucys Dream Adventure
Lucys Dream Adventure - Help Lucy to break out happily from her strange dream.

Island Ha Bu Bu

Play Island Ha Bu Bu
Island Ha Bu Bu - Survive and find the way to escape from a primitive island.

Save The Fairyland

Play Save The Fairyland
Save The Fairyland - A little adventure in which you help some characters of a few known tales.

Lost Golem

Play Lost Golem
Lost Golem - Help a heartly indian girl to escape from a hostile land and get back the tribal golem.

3 Pandas

Play 3 Pandas
3 Pandas - Be the protagonist of the adventure of three pandas on a pirate ship and a primitive island.

3 Pandas 2 Night

Play 3 Pandas 2 Night
3 Pandas 2 Night - Continue the adventure of the three temerar pandas to explore the wild island.

Dor The Dwarf

Play Dor The Dwarf
Dor The Dwarf - An interactive fairy tale where a brave knight finds and recovers a lost ring.

Flip The Farmer

Play Flip The Farmer
Flip The Farmer - Spend a funny time with Flip and the farmer work to his farm.

Raccoons Adventure

Play Raccoons Adventure
Raccoons Adventure - Help a little raccoon to find his way back to the nature life.

Little Romeo Adventure

Play Little Romeo Adventure
Little Romeo Adventure - Accompany little Romeo complete the fun adventure, meet his girlfriend, and have a romantic Valentine`s day.

Jungle Jones

Play Jungle Jones
Jungle Jones - Go with the adventurer Jones in the jungle, avoid danger and obstacles, find out the treasure.

Lost Astronaut

Play Lost Astronaut
Lost Astronaut - An astronaut explores 3 unknown planets, with lot of fantastic adventure, strange animals, lot of puzzles.

Pandas Break Out

Play Pandas Break Out
Pandas Break Out - In this fun escape adventure game help the little panda to break out from the circus.
Pick Dig 2
Play Pick Dig 2
Pick Dig 2 - Pick up spade, pickaxes, stairs, keys, use them and go to the exit gate.
Back In The Forest
Play Back In The Forest
Back In The Forest - Help a funny monkey to find his way back to the forest.
Troll Tale
Play Troll Tale
Troll Tale - Discover the funny adventure of a brave Trol who goes on a rescue mission.
Easy Joe 2
Play Easy Joe 2
Easy Joe 2 - A funny adventure game in which you use your wit to release the path so that a little bunny travels freely.
Pheus And Mor
Play Pheus And Mor
Pheus And Mor - A story about two best friends, a boy and his dog Mor. Help them to solve puzzles and find out what happened.
Prof Milton Moon Seizure
Play Prof Milton Moon Seizure
Prof Milton Moon Seizure - Join prof Milton in 16 whopping levels in his eccentric mission to shrink the moon and pack it home.
Lucky Crab
Play Lucky Crab
Lucky Crab - Adventure game in which you use your skill and perspicacity to help a crab to gather the collection of pearls.
Adam And Eve 3
Play Adam And Eve 3
Adam And Eve 3 - Adam is back for a new click adventure game. Help him solve funny puzzles and find other colored love.
Jungle Fun
Play Jungle Fun
Jungle Fun - Jungle Boy is looking for hidden treasures and he has to find his way with the help of animal friends.
Sleep Walk
Play Sleep Walk
Sleep Walk - In this funny adventure game guide a sleepwalker penguin to reach safely in the bed in his house.
Play Babylympus
Babylympus - Use your point and click skill to help a babysitter in Olympus to spend his time with the children-gods.
E Volution
Play E Volution
E Volution - Guide the little bacteria on its way of evolution to become Homo Sapiens.
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Adventure Games

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