Various Games

These are usually games like Sims, peaceful, or that do not fit specifically into a certain / distinct category.

Tom And Jerry Rig Bridge

Play Tom And Jerry Rig Bridge
Tom And Jerry Rig Bridge - Help Jerry the mouse to build the bridge to get the cheese.

Sos Snail

Play Sos Snail
Sos Snail - Jumpings and spins with a very sporty snail.

Slice The Box

Play Slice The Box
Slice The Box - Make precise cuts in pieces of plywood, like a virtual fretwork.

Ball Brothers

Play Ball Brothers
Ball Brothers - Some red balls wants to release their brother caught into a cage.

Snow Line

Play Snow Line
Snow Line - Draw Snow slopes for Santa`s sleigh.

Babysitter In Love

Play Babysitter In Love
Babysitter In Love - Help Jenny to spend the time caring for a cute little baby.

Red Velvet Cake

Play Red Velvet Cake
Red Velvet Cake - Prepare a virtual cake with whipped cream, vanilla and cocoa.

Rollercoaster Creator

Play Rollercoaster Creator
Rollercoaster Creator - Build attractive carousels in a virtual amusement park.


Play Boomshine
Boomshine - Activate as many dots as you can to hit the minimum required of each level.

Gravitex 2

Play Gravitex 2
Gravitex 2 - Guide a journeying little star to the black hole, through planets that attract it with their gravity.

Music Match

Play Music Match
Music Match - Simple flash game to learn the music notes and the piano keys.

Tic Tac Toe Note Paper

Play Tic Tac Toe Note Paper
Tic Tac Toe Note Paper - A game which not need description. Play with your computer, or with a friend.

Honey Country

Play Honey Country
Honey Country - Travel to a place called "Honey Country" by helping other animals who are willing to help in exchange for food.

Plush Turkey Toy

Play Plush Turkey Toy
Plush Turkey Toy - In this game you make a lovely gift for your best friend, a cute plush turkey toy.
Spring Garden Cleanup
Play Spring Garden Cleanup
Spring Garden Cleanup - Clean up the lovely garden for a beautiful look under the sun and get ready for the coming spring days.
Snowball Siege
Play Snowball Siege
Snowball Siege - Break ice blocks to get the blue gift to the base while guiding the red naughty presents off the screen.
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Various Games

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