Various Games

These are usually games like Sims, peaceful, or that do not fit specifically into a certain / distinct category.

Love Dots

Play Love Dots
Lets reveal your skills and Imagination in this game full of love.

Stacky Run

Play Stacky Run
Collect the bricks on the platform, because the bridge needs to be built.

Break the Candies

Play Break the Candies
Use the Arrow keys to move your candy around and touch the target.

Save them all

Play Save them all
You need to help the little angel and give her the most secure protection.

Maze Control

Play Maze Control
Control the maze and look for a way out of it for the blue ball.

Rotated Cups

Play Rotated Cups
Rotate the cup that holds the ball and drop it into the bucket.

Filled Glass 2 No Gravity

Play Filled Glass 2 No Gravity
Fill the glass that is glued upside down to the top of the screen.

Hole vs Bombs

Play Hole vs Bombs
Control a hole, move it on the screen and put all the blocks into to hole.

Dr Panda Airport

Play Dr Panda Airport
It's time to travel, Dr Panda Airport has 10 minigames for you to enjoy.


Play Rumikub
Arrange the rummy tiles to create the smartest color and number combinations.

365 Solitaire Gold

Play 365 Solitaire Gold
Daily challenges, achievements, undo's, quick matches, seasons mode game.

Ball Picker 3D

Play Ball Picker 3D
Controls a scoop with which he collects balls and drops them into a pit.

Flip the Bottle

Play Flip the Bottle
Explore different rooms, jump on all sorts of objects: shelves, tables.

Adam and Eve Crossy River

Play Adam and Eve Crossy River
Help Adam and Eve Cross the River, test your skills and timing in this game.
Solitaire Tripeaks
Play Solitaire Tripeaks
Kings & Queens welcome you on your journey in this beautiful tripeaks solitaire.
Pen Run Online
Play Pen Run Online
An interesting arcade game. Have you seen the pen running? Here you go.
Kitchen Rush
Play Kitchen Rush
A bottle that jumps on all sorts of objects: shelves, tables and chairs.
Draw Climber 2
Play Draw Climber 2
Draw lines to give leg to the climber and race with another block.
Microsoft Solitaire Collection
Play Microsoft Solitaire Collection
Play Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks. Plus, Daily Challenges.
Draw Climber
Play Draw Climber
Draw lines to give legs to the climber to run and collect coins.
Ice Jump
Play Ice Jump
Controls an ice cube that jumps from one glass to another
Autumn Leaves Memory
Play Autumn Leaves Memory
Count up the leaves and find the card that shows the same number
Music Ball - Music in the Sky
Play Music Ball - Music in the Sky
Drag and place music instruments to make the colored balls reach into a portal
Eco Ego
Play Eco Ego
A game that simulates relation between ecology and the ego of human being.
Brick Builder: Police Edition
Play Brick Builder: Police Edition
A nice game with LEGO pieces, the building blocks of your childhood.
Strawberry Shortcake
Play Strawberry Shortcake
See how to cook a simple strawberry shortcake with virtual ingredients.
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Various Games

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