Strategy Games

Strategy games require leadership ability of the player, and strategic analysis in determining the best actions and moves that must be made ​​to finish the levels of the game.

Farm Frenzy2

Play Farm Frenzy2
Farm Frenzy2 - Develop a farm with hens that give you eggs.

Farm Frenzy 3

Play Farm Frenzy 3
Farm Frenzy 3 - Develop a farm with penguins on the ice. Beware of polar bears.

Hedgehog Launch

Play Hedgehog Launch
Hedgehog Launch - A funny game with some strategy and skill. The goal is to launch a hedgehog into space.


Play Imperium
Imperium - Build an empire and conquer Dogland Island

Jungle Hunt

Play Jungle Hunt
Jungle Hunt - Defend the Indian jungle village attacked by wild beasts

Land Of Bunnies

Play Land Of Bunnies
Land Of Bunnies - Help bunny to build a house on a desert island

Master Of The Secret Sea

Play Master Of The Secret Sea
Master Of The Secret Sea - Maritime strategy game, pirates, treasure and adventure on the sea.

Micro Life

Play Micro Life
Micro Life - Take care and help to grow a species of micro-life beings.

Paper Train

Play Paper Train
Paper Train - Rail traffic controls, use your strategy to switch the controls so that all trains move freely and safely.

Roads Of Rome

Play Roads Of Rome
Roads Of Rome - Build and expand Rome`s road in this beautiful strategy game.


Play Shuffle
Shuffle - A little known strategy game. Try it to see how it is.

Temple Guardian

Play Temple Guardian
Temple Guardian - Build and develop the defense of a sacred temple in China.

The Blade

Play The Blade
The Blade - An interesting game in which with strategy you defend and develop a city.

The Keeper Of 4 Elements

Play The Keeper Of 4 Elements
The Keeper Of 4 Elements - Defend the territory with towers made by 4 elements : air, water, earth, fire.
Time Bot
Play Time Bot
Time Bot - Guide strategically a robot using the same movements in the future too.
Play Virus3
Virus3 - Expand a small virus and covers the entire area with him.
World Domination
Play World Domination
World Domination - A strategy game where the goal is world domination.
Youda Camper
Play Youda Camper
Youda Camper - Build and develop a virtual holiday village, by your own imagination.
Garden Td
Play Garden Td
Garden Td - Defend a garden from invaders coming uninvited.
Home Sheep Home 2 Lost In Space
Play Home Sheep Home 2 Lost In Space
Home Sheep Home 2 Lost In Space - Help three sheeps lost in space to return home together.
Carrot Fantasy
Play Carrot Fantasy
Carrot Fantasy - Strategy game with Tower defence.
Carrot Fantasy Extreme
Play Carrot Fantasy Extreme
Carrot Fantasy Extreme - Place along the route various defense towers to stop the freaks rodents carrot.
Carrot Fantasy Undersea
Play Carrot Fantasy Undersea
Carrot Fantasy Undersea - A carrot diver, protected with defensive marine towers.
Carrot Fantasy Desert
Play Carrot Fantasy Desert
Carrot Fantasy Desert - The carrot must be protected in a desert land.
Fishdom 2
Play Fishdom 2
Fishdom 2 - Decorate and care an aquarium with plants and exotic fishes.
Hexagon Planet
Play Hexagon Planet
Hexagon Planet - A strategy game with (Tower Defence) system.
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Strategy Games

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