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Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter

Play Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter
Drive develop a spaceship against the invasive viruses, like numbers.

Emoji Game

Play Emoji Game
Connect pairs of emotions by associations. Think and find the idea of each puzzle.

Solitaire Tripeaks

Play Solitaire Tripeaks
Kings & Queens welcome you on your journey in this beautiful tripeaks solitaire.

Connect Dots 2

Play Connect Dots 2
Tap the dots in the corect order to connect the sequential path in the puzzle.

Pen Run Online

Play Pen Run Online
An interesting arcade game. Have you seen the pen running? Here you go.

Rescue Cut

Play Rescue Cut
The boy needs your help to escape successfully from the rooms.

Game Candy Love Match

Play Game Candy Love Match
Help the angel complete the levels, in your free time to enjoy the fun.

Love Pin 3D

Play Love Pin 3D
Interesting puzzle game with funny levels that need you to find your girl.

Kitchen Rush

Play Kitchen Rush
A bottle that jumps on all sorts of objects: shelves, tables and chairs.

Catch the Candy

Play Catch the Candy
Use your extendable sticky arm to grab candy in 75 best levels have fun.

Adam and Eve Go

Play Adam and Eve Go
Control Adam on his journey to find Eve and their house, and bring Eve the gift.

Backgammon 2020

Play Backgammon 2020
The known Backgammon game, here it is made with HTML5 - WEBGL, in 2020.

Draw Climber 2

Play Draw Climber 2
Draw lines to give leg to the climber and race with another block.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Play Microsoft Solitaire Collection
Play Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks. Plus, Daily Challenges.
Draw Climber
Play Draw Climber
Draw lines to give legs to the climber to run and collect coins.
Prison Escape Master
Play Prison Escape Master
Draw routes to escape with friends from prison, watch out for power grids.
Autumn Slide
Play Autumn Slide
Slide puzzle game of the autumn, with three nostalgic images and 3 modes.
Microsoft Mahjong
Play Microsoft Mahjong
Daily Challenges, gorgeous graphics, relaxing sounds, and over 40 puzzles.
Frisbee Forever 2
Play Frisbee Forever 2
Play with one of the most beloved toys, fly majestically above beautiful places.
Adam and Eve - Snow
Play Adam and Eve - Snow
Adam has a special mission, to bring Eve a christmas tree.
Merge Mahjong
Play Merge Mahjong
Relax and play a mahjong puzzle game with an inovative mechanism.
Escape Out
Play Escape Out
Save yourself and your mates from unexpected traps and tricky obstacles.
Aqua Friends
Play Aqua Friends
Bring aqua friends together to can hold hands and brighten their day
Play Iceberg
Find the correct order to rebuild the Iceberg using frozen shapes
Finders Critters
Play Finders Critters
Connect identical colored blocks to guide some critters return to their home
Writers Apartment
Play Writers Apartment
Solve the puzzles and find the letters to get the key to unlock the door
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