Skill Games

Skill Games, as specified by the name, are games that require skill and attention of the player in using the mouse, and the elements of each game.

Rotated Cups

Play Rotated Cups
Rotate the cup that holds the ball and drop it into the bucket.

Ball Picker 3D

Play Ball Picker 3D
Controls a scoop with which he collects balls and drops them into a pit.

Dig It

Play Dig It
Use your fingers to dig a hole and guide the ball to destination.

Adam and Eve Crossy River

Play Adam and Eve Crossy River
Help Adam and Eve Cross the River, test your skills and timing in this game.

Pen Run Online

Play Pen Run Online
An interesting arcade game. Have you seen the pen running? Here you go.

Kitchen Rush

Play Kitchen Rush
A bottle that jumps on all sorts of objects: shelves, tables and chairs.

Catch the Candy

Play Catch the Candy
Use your extendable sticky arm to grab candy in 75 best levels have fun.

Frisbee Forever 2

Play Frisbee Forever 2
Play with one of the most beloved toys, fly majestically above beautiful places.

Pirates of Islets

Play Pirates of Islets
Jump from islet to islet and loot coins, power-ups and chests filled with gold

Tom and Jerry: Mouse Maze

Play Tom and Jerry: Mouse Maze
Guide Jerry through fun levels collecting cheese while avoiding Tom and traps


Play Shards
Bounce the ball off your paddle and break all the glass bricks

The Ways

Play The Ways
Build a bridge and find your way to the other side, in this skill game

Dogi Bubble Shooter

Play Dogi Bubble Shooter
Shoot the bubbles and clear the blue sky in this easy shooter and skill game

GoosyPenguin Pool

Play GoosyPenguin Pool
Play and push all the small Penguin cubes into the igloos.
18 Goal Golf
Play 18 Goal Golf
Play a minigolf game on beginner or advanced. Get the football in the hole.
Play Hellspin
Using a strange control method, control a snake creature and reach the exit.
Electro Air Hockey
Play Electro Air Hockey
Play an electro air hockey against the PC players. Choose your avatar and win.
Flying Blocks
Play Flying Blocks
An easy to play arkanoid style game where you need cleared all the flying blocks.
Dragon Vs Knight
Play Dragon Vs Knight
Skill game - a horse jumping over obstacles and gaps to escape the dragon
Air Runner
Play Air Runner
Skill game - jump on moving platform, avoid enemies and reach the finsih line
Simon in Wonderland
Play Simon in Wonderland
A little horse full of enthusiasm must reach his beloved and bring her four shoes
Wall Rider
Play Wall Rider
Short skill game, race a ball along the top of the wall avoid falling off
Play Walker
Move a green platform that helps walkers to walk safely on the ground.
Yeti Aim Fire
Play Yeti Aim Fire
Play with Yeti and shoot to go through the obstacles and reach the target.
Play X-Bound
Play breakout with a 360 degree rotation of your paddle. The blocks are in a circle.
Hungry Honey Bee
Play Hungry Honey Bee
Hungry Honey Bee, Make a honey bee to collect all the flowers in order to win a match.
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Skill Games

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