Skill Games

Skill Games, as specified by the name, are games that require skill and attention of the player in using the mouse, and the elements of each game.

Lightning Break

Play Lightning Break
Lightning Break - A game of pool against time and a lot of noise

Mouse And Cat

Play Mouse And Cat
Mouse And Cat - Guide the mouse carefully on the other side of the river to take the pieces of cheese.

Owl Spin

Play Owl Spin
Owl Spin - With skill, recover the nest and the egg hidden in a castle.

Paper Toss

Play Paper Toss
Paper Toss - ,Are you bored at work? Throw paper on trash can!


Play Particles
Particles - Practice your skill and attention in mouse movements.

Polar Jump

Play Polar Jump
Polar Jump - Help a little mouse to get home, jumping from one piece of ice to another.

Spiderman City Raid

Play Spiderman City Raid
Spiderman City Raid - Move Spiderman into the city using spider canvas.

Star Bound

Play Star Bound
Star Bound - Help a star to reach in the sky to shine.

Tower Bloxx

Play Tower Bloxx
Tower Bloxx - Build a tall and stable tower, safe for people.

Tu 46

Play Tu 46
Tu 46 - Fly a passenger plane from America to Russia and back to various countries.

Wooden Rolls

Play Wooden Rolls
Wooden Rolls - Align the lines on wooden wheels in the right direction

Bubble Spinner 2

Play Bubble Spinner 2
Bubble Spinner 2 - The pile of balls rotates, making the game more difficult or easier.

Dibblez Apple Hunt

Play Dibblez Apple Hunt
Dibblez Apple Hunt - Gather all the apples from the tree, jumping on an elastic band.

Best Shoot

Play Best Shoot
Best Shoot - Enter the balls into the holes in as few attempts as you can.
Totems Awakening
Play Totems Awakening
Totems Awakening - With coconuts and Agility wake up a sleeper totem.
Totems Awakening 2
Play Totems Awakening 2
Totems Awakening 2 - Other 30 fun levels in which to awaken a sleeping totem.
Hammer Ball
Play Hammer Ball
Hammer Ball - A ball with a hammer trying to survive in her world.
Gift Rush 3
Play Gift Rush 3
Gift Rush 3 - In this game use your skill and perspicacity moving like Spiderman to bring a sweet gift to a baby-spider.
Flight Of The Bee
Play Flight Of The Bee
Flight Of The Bee - Guide the bee to collect pollen from flower to flower and reach happy to its hive.
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Skill Games

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