Action Games

The Action Games are mostly fights and confrontations with one or more opponents, the player is always in action and speed.

Marios Adventure2

Play Marios Adventure2
Marios Adventure2 - Continue the adventures and difficult route in the world of Mario.


Play N
N - Help the ninja to collect golden cubes and escape the traps.

Portal 2d

Play Portal 2d
Portal 2d - A little difficult action game, learn yourself how to play it.

Sitch In Time

Play Sitch In Time
Sitch In Time - Help Kim to pass obstcoles and solve the mission.

Sitch In Time2

Play Sitch In Time2
Sitch In Time2 - Another mission of Kim, this time she is a schoolgirl.


Play Sonic
Sonic - Play with several characters, among which the main avatar is Sonic hedgehog.

Sonic Xtreme 2

Play Sonic Xtreme 2
Sonic Xtreme 2 - Choose several characters (with different abilities) from the cartoon Sonic.

Super Mario Crossover

Play Super Mario Crossover
Super Mario Crossover - Classic action game, you can play with Mario, Link, Bill, Simon, Mega Man​​, and Samus.

Tempus Terminus

Play Tempus Terminus
Tempus Terminus - Action, puzzles, and avoiding the enemies by stopping the time.

Time Fighter

Play Time Fighter
Time Fighter - A pilot fighting against alien invasion.


Play Vex
Vex - Run, jump and climb carefully to discover the action.

Elephant Quest

Play Elephant Quest
Elephant Quest - An action game where the main character is an elephant.

12 Till Christmas

Play 12 Till Christmas
12 Till Christmas - Help Santa in the Christmas Eve to give gifts to all children.

Jewels Hero

Play Jewels Hero
Jewels Hero - Puzzle-action game against computer.
Tom And Jerry Xtreme Adventure
Play Tom And Jerry Xtreme Adventure
Tom And Jerry Xtreme Adventure - Jerry wants to get the scattered pieces of cheese.
Mirrors Edge
Play Mirrors Edge
Mirrors Edge - Collect scattered symbols in a lonely town.
Banana Rush
Play Banana Rush
Banana Rush - Enter to action with a brave dog who likes bananas.
Frog Dares
Play Frog Dares
Frog Dares - A daring frog, full of energy, into a wonderful garden.
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Action Games

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